Phase Three is Here

44 New Frames Now Available

Since we first introduced the Complete Eyewear program just three years ago, we have seen huge success on the part of our doctors in a program that provides great quality frames and lenses for an affordable price to patients. Patients love the simplicity, and the confidently and consistently purchase their glasses at the office optique rather than online or through retail. Over the last eighteen months we started receiving requests to update the kit with new styles and higher quality materials.

They have arrived.

The third and final phase of our updates, fourteen new frames from Affordable Eyewear, brings us to a full forty-four new frames in the Lifestyle collection.

Orders for the Lifestyle Complete Eyewear kit will now consist of the forty-four newly introduced frames and sixteen of our top-selling styles from the original kit. Individual phases can still be purchased separately for a limited time.

Phase III includes fourteen frames, and is available for $70.


Empower your practice, provide the materials your patients deserve.