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Simple Ordering

The lens ordering process can be a daunting task with all the “upgrades” other labs push on you at inflated prices. We’ve simplified things by making these lens “upgrades” standard and included in an easier to understand pricing structure.

Flexible Options

Each patient is different, and you have to be sure your lab of choice has the capabilities to meet a variety of needs. VCD Labs is a virtual lab network, which means we are able to bring the best of multiple lab manufacturers’ products all under one roof.

Affordable Prices

For too long the optometric market has been controlled by a number of giant corporations that inflate prices to drive the profit that should be yours into their own pockets. We don’t have greedy shareholders or high paid executives – we’d rather drive those profits by offering the best price possible to the people that actually deserve it… you!

Don’t take our word for it.

“We can always count on the job being accurate and ready in my hands within one week to wow our patients. What’s more, the pricing beats every other lab so you can be both competitive and profitable in this multi-channel marketplace.”

Raymond J. Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAAIndependent OptometristBrill Eye Center

“VCD Labs has proven itself to be the holy grail that we’ve been seeking for years.”

Steven M. Berry ODIndependent Optometrist – Albequerque Vision Care

“VCD Labs’ proprietary, primary lens material has excellent attributes and has a low cost. They also offer less expensive CR-39 and very reasonably priced HD progressives.”

Dr. Jacque YoungIndependent Optometrist – Young Vision Care

“The biggest issues that I have in being an independent provider is in finding a high quality product for my patients.”

Dr. WybrowElevation Eyeworks of Utah

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