How Much Could You Save With One Progressive A Day From VCD Labs?

Have you had a chance to break down the numbers from your VCD Lab bill?

Let’s take a look at what would happen if you ordered just one progressive job a day from VCD Labs, rather than from a lab that charges enough on each job to run an ad every ten minutes on TV.

Cost of common progressive: $100
Cost of RO Digital from VCD Labs: $50

At just one order a day, in one week your office could save $250. After one month, that’s $1,000 that stays in your practice. In a year, that’s more than $12,000. Also note that Rochester Optical’s non adapt rate is less than .03%, or one person out of every three hundred.

Numbers may vary, so check over your bill and calculate the cost of the average progressive you pay from another lab.

Keep in mind that all jobs from VCD Labs include AR, so that’s an additional $50+ savings on every single job – or a total of $18k a year that stays in your practice.

A few of the digital freeform full backside progressive lenses available from VCD Labs (Listed prices are for CR-39)
RO Autograph II – $50
Hoya Amplitude BKS – $55
Shamir Element – $69
Seiko Succeed – $69

With every order you make, consider –  will you invest in yourself, or will you be investing in the group that is converts at least one independent OD business owner into an employee every single day?

Together, we can protect independent optometry. Together we can keep financial power in the hands of independents.

Find out how much you could be saving on every job with this simple worksheet.