It’s time to abandon artificial price inflation in the lens industry.

It’s no secret–optometry is not the same business it was ten years ago, let alone twenty or thirty years ago. Radical advances in technology and market shifts toward monopolizing powers have made modern lenses both extremely powerful and wildly expensive. On top of that, you have all the artifacts that show up on your lab bills–up charges for services that used to require a technician extra time that are now done in far more efficient ways, yet somehow higher priced than ever before.

Improvements in progressive lens designs and surfacing equipment have delivered excellent quality products, but why are prices continuing to rise? If you look at comparable market trends, such as the electronics industry, new technology is introduced at a peak price and then drops as it becomes more widely available. For example, while screen sizes and quality have steadily risen, Plasma TVs in 2012 cost 90% less than in 2000.* So why is the same not true for optical lens technology? The answer is clear: the market has been artificially inflated. VCD Labs aims to be the pin that bursts the lens price bubble.

Our process at VCD Labs is to tap into these new technologies, find new efficiencies to lower the price, then pass that savings directly to you to lower and simplify costs in your office.

Why are we doing this? Certainly VCD Labs would have higher profits if we played the pricing game, but that’s not our model. We are a lab owned by doctors, so our profitability focus isn’t on our bottom line, it’s on yours. Our mission is to support independent optometry, so any profits we receive go directly back into support independent. Our goal is simple: provide the best technology at the best prices to empower doctors to provide the highest level of care for patients.



You’re probably used to new innovations with the optical labs you use, and you’re probably used to hearing about prices going up. Well here’s a new one: after a recent cost analysis, we just dropped prices on a huge range of lenses.

Why? Because we are here to serve you and your practice. We are the lab that doctors built, so we actively look for ways to offer absolutely unbeatable prices on advanced technologies, to empower you to offer the highest level of care for your patients.