Breaking the Iron Triangle

Yes, you can have all three.

They say that in the world of manufacturing you have to choose between quality, cost, or time. You can either get work done the right way for an affordable price, but have to wait for it, or quality with quick delivery attached to a large price tag. With VCD Labs, you get all three – plus customer service from the company committed to your success.


We start with the latest Indizen Optical Technologies(IOT) premium designs, which has a proven track record of a less than 0.32% non-adapt rate. We then manufacture the lenses in a state of the art facility located in Rochester, NY. The lenses and coatings are made right here in the U.S., and all edging and finishing work is completed in the same facility.

Rochester Optical is a global leader in optical innovation with more than 80 years of frame and lens manufacturing experience. With multiple divisions including a state-of-the-art optical lab, wholesale operations, government contracts, and research and development, Rochester Optical is a truly unique optical company focused on community, development, and innovation.


The average turnaround time for VCD Complete Eyewear is 2.9 days from order to delivery in your office. For frame to come, it’s 3.8 days, delivered. When was the last time you told a patient their glasses would be ready in a week and called them three days later to tell them they could pick up their completed job early?


With single vision lenses starting at $10.50 and state of the art backside digital free form progressives starting at $50, you’re already saving a bundle on every single job you order from VCD. But when you factor in that our 11-layer substrate matched premium AR, a $49 value that compares to what you normally get charged $89 for at other labs comes free on every job – it’s not just savings, it’s a whole new business model.

Want speed, quality and the lowest prices on the market?