4 Idioms That Don’t Work in Optical

What comes to mind when you think of your dispensary? Whether good or bad, optical sales are an important part of the mix in your overall success. 

Using mnemonic devices can be a valuable tool to help you and your staff implement techniques that can increase sales and provide better care for your patients. Use caution though. For every helpful tip you find, there’s another one out there that could hinder your profitability. Here are four examples of idioms that may sound great, but don’t work in optical.


If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it
While in-office sales might be going well for you, don’t let complacency take over. Periodically review reports and other metrics to see where you stand. For example, try measuring your process against the 20/80 rule, meaning twenty percent of your inventory should make up eighty percent of sales. Review frame boards quarterly to make sure product is turning over, inventory is being placed efficiently, and you’re within budget. If it isn’t broken, look to make it better.

A leopard can’t change his spots
If patients are walking out and you don’t know what to do, maybe it’s time to make changes with your lab. If changes are necessary, stay positive and look to the future. Factors in the market are constantly changing, so planning ahead is important to your business strategy. None of us like change. It takes us out of our comfort zone and it’s painful, but don’t wait until the pain of staying becomes greater than the pain of changing.

A penny saved is a penny earned
The frame boards are an investment. Spending money and investing in the right equipment and products can result in a welcomed increase of revenue. Working within the framework of a budget allows you to wisely manage your money and spend money updating frame boards, decor, or promotional pieces. Patients want options and organization, so keep the dispensary clean, fun, and aesthetically pleasing.

All in the same boat
Challenges for independent optometrists arise regularly, however, not all independents face the same difficulties. Know the market that you cater to and know your core products. Consider having a retailer’s mindset and merchandise special products differently. By promoting those items in a way to showcase a current trend or a new style you can make that more appealing to the patient. In addition, educate the customer by learning about the brands you offer and be familiar with a few key words or phrases to provide a personalized touch that sets you apart as an independent.


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