The Effects of Blue Light

The most potent light in the visible light spectrum, blue light reaches right to the retina at the back of the eyes. Artificial white light sources such as LED (light emitting diode) and some radiation lamps emit excessive blue light compared to natural white light. 

Last week, Good Morning America covered a story on this familiar topic of blue light.

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After watching the video, are orange-tinted glasses the key to a better night’s sleep? Does it seem possible that by regulating exposure to blue light with blue blocker technology one’s melatonin cycles can be kept in balance, therefore allowing them to naturally fall asleep and wake up?

Blue light doesn’t only affect sleep but it also produces eye fatigue and impacts other areas of life. Today, more and more people are suffering from visual fatigue without knowing the cause of their symptoms. School, work, and lifestyle changes forces us to spend long hours in close-range activities such as hand-held devices, computer work, e-books, TV, and game consoles. The increasing use of such LED devices has elevated concerns about the impact that high energy visible blue light has on the eyes. Unfortunately, extended exposure to harmful blue light often results in uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms that negatively impact vision health.

In terms of protecting the eye, the color of the lens doesn’t have to be a specific color, but the key factor is that the lens is coated with blue blocking technology. Typically adding this coating to a pair of frames costs anywhere from $60 – $100 through the average lab. VCD Labs provides this protective technology at a much more affordable price.

iBlu coat™ is available through VCD Labs for only $10



With iBlu coat™


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This anti-reflection coating is specially developed to protect your eyes from harmful HEV blue light, improving contrast and reducing eye fatigue. iBlu coat™ lenses are smudge, scratch, dust, and water resistant. The coating filters blue light to a high degree of efficiency from both the front and back reflected light.



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